SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Puravai LLC

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Puravai LLC was founded in 2017 based upon the passion of its founders, to help alleviate the most critical need of individuals who are in a state of personal crisis as a result of natural disasters or other emergency situations. We accomplish our purpose by providing highly purified, bacteria-free, drinking water to be used in times of emergency. Additionally, our new Vitale Water has been created for individuals who have special health care needs as well as those who choose to improve their health by drinking amazingly pure water. The company’s proprietary technology is used in manufacturing its long term, shelf stable emergency drinking water known as Puravai Emergency Drinking Water. Additionally, Puravai™ has developed technology to create the only bottled water which is produced in accordance with the standards and methods related to Medical Grade Class II Water requirements. This product is marketed under Vitale™ Water. Puravai is pleased to offer these two exceptionally pure, great tasting bottled water products. Whether you are concerned about having pure water in case of an emergency, have special health care needs or just want to drink exceptionally pure, hydrating water to optimize your health, you can count on Puravai’s uniquely pure water to meet your needs.

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