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Technology development and innovation increases exponentially year-by-year, seemingly impacting lives around the globe. As industries which require lighting begin to become more complex, the status quo for versatile and portable lighting has risen ever so much. Powermoon Enterprises has been proudly leading the portable and versatile LED lighting revolution for the past three decades by developing products unsurpassed on the market. Powermoon supplies various industries: entertainment, construction, emergency response, law enforcement, military, and even fulfils needs of the average citizen with lighting fit for backyard, camping, and home use. Powermoon lighting is suitable for the most demanding conditions (weather, debris, temperature, and EXTREME trauma) all supported by our German quality manufacturing standards. We are able to provide extremely rugged products built to surpass military standards, all while backed with effective customer service and product guarantees. We have lighting options from 8LBS up-to 50LBS depending on intensity and area illumination requirements. They can be deployed in a matter of minutes and can also be moved with ease. We have LED lights ranging from 5K Lumen up to 300K Lumen. Illuminate camp sites, barbeque gatherings, and even arenas/concerts. Powermoon has a global network that can provide lighting anywhere in the world. Our global partners include Wanco, Caterpillar, Grainger, and more. Our lights have been in remote areas such as the North Pole and taken part in sacred restoration such as the Notre Dame Cathedral. For all scenarios requiring rapid response during night operations, only Powermoon can fulfil the needs in the utmost professional manner. Our lights are complaint with regulatory DOT standards and are used by EMS, fire departments, Red Cross, FEMA, and all such organizations. Powermoon fulfills European safety standards such as TUV for assurance in the most demanding work environments. With large customer support and feedback, Powermoon has, and will continue to surpass the needs of our loyal and future customers.

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