SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

ECA Symposium

We’re so proud to host the Earthquake Country Alliance at this year’s Disasters Expo USA. Their team and associates will be hosting a comprehensive symposium, featuring various speakers touching on various aspects of earthquake preparedness and tsunami preparation.

Stay Tuned for the Symposium Program

ECA Events

The Earthquake Country Alliance is known for hosting and organizing two of the state’s most pivotal disaster awareness events.

Great California ShakeOut: This annual stateside drill has become one of California’s leading promotions for earthquake preparedness.

Tsunami Preparedness Week: Throughout this week the ECA shares insights and information to increase understanding of Tsunami hazards.

General Activities: The ECA’s various committees host workshops, engage with local events, and communicate with various groups to develop and share educational materials.

With this impressive yearly schedule of events and activities, we’re so thrilled that the ECA has chosen Disasters Expo USA as a platform to share its message.

Symposium Program Coming Soon...