SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Fox News Coverage

If you want a better idea of the show, have a look at the time we were featured on Fox News (at the time we were still known as Natural Disasters Expo). The team over at Fox sent over their weather correspondent Steve Bender to check out the show, chat with some of the team, and interview a couple of the Exhibitors.

James Berryman Interview

Below is his conversation with James Berryman, CEO of Fortem International (the organizers behind Disasters Expo).

Tom Little Interview

The next interview Steve completed was with Tom Little, president of Flood Proofing, to talk about his company's unique flood mitigation technology. Tom goes into detail about how it works, even showcasing the technology practically with a scale model.

Roderick Scott Interview

The final interview from Steve Bender featured a conversation Roderick Scott from the Flood Mitigation Industry Association, discussing the ins and outs of strong strategies against flooding and the impact of Hurricane Ida.