SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Tech on Fire Trail

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Wildfires pose a large and growing threat to communities across California, and understanding fire vulnerability and impacts can enable more effective risk management.

With California being the state most susceptible to wildfires in the United States, we need to act now and bring the most effective solutions to the focus to protect both the future of the environment and the safety of the state.

By providing you with the leading solutions including AI detection systems, sensors, fire suppression technologies, GIS and so much more - this scorching feature will equip you with the solutions ready to tackle the wildfires of today.

The experience...

This exciting feature of the event will allow you to interact with these new products for yourself that are developing the protection, mitigation and recovery of wildfire. Join the trail and discover our pre-qualified selection of the most innovative and efficient solutions to protect your community from heat exposure and wildfires.

  • What is the Tech on Fire Trail?

    Be transported around the show floor with our Tech on Fire Trail that will lead you directly to the trail-blazing exhibitors that are extinguishing the destructive force of fire, one innovation at a time! Follow this dedicated path to discover and interact with the latest technologies, services, products and techniques designed to protect, recover, mitigate and prepare you against fire.

    Join us at our exciting debut and follow the ultimate trail igniting action against wildfires!


Lindsey FireSense: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Lindsey FireSense

Stand No: 515

Sunact Systems Inc.: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Sunact Systems Inc.

Stand No: 589

Abel Fire Equipment: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Abel Fire Equipment

Stand No: 632

Alert California: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Alert California

Stand No: 341

Team Wildfire: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Team Wildfire

Stand No: 715

RescAlert Inc: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

RescAlert Inc

Stand No: 440

Disaster Science: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Disaster Science

Stand No: 221

Fire Neural Network: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Fire Neural Network

Stand No: 1004

Omnis/Zenova Group: Tech on Fire Trail Exhibitor

Omnis/Zenova Group

Stand No: 485


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Present your solution to over 3,000 disaster and emergency management professionals and decision makers, all looking to find the product, technology and strategy that will mitigate, detect protect and recover the damages of fire. Gain unprecedented exposure and achieve a direct line to your target market by placing yourself at a prime location on this designated route.


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