SEPT 5 & 6 2024

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Strategic Operations Inc

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The core business of Strategic Operations (STOPS) focuses on designing, fabricating, and constructing environments and training aids that Hyper-Realistic - and challenging - by using Hollywood set construction techniques, combined with years of experience.  The construction techniques enabled us to quickly pivot our patented Re-locatable Habitat Units and ISO shipping container conversions/enhancements from primarily training environments to an optimal solution for providing suitable housing for disaster relief. 

STOPS defines Hyper-Realistic as "such a high degree fidelity in the replication of varying conditions in a training environment that participants willingly suspend disbelief that they become totally immersed and eventually stress inoculated in a way that can be measured physiologically."  All their senses tell them, emotionally and intellectually, that the scenarios are real.  It is the ultimate in Immersion Training.

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