SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

RUNWITHIT Synthetics

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RUNWITHIT Synthetics’ (RWI) platform enables advanced disaster simulation, data management, synthetic modelling, synthetic data generation, and VR visualization at community, city and larger scales. This is inclusive and representative of diverse people, natural and built environments, governance, businesses, utility services, and grid infrastructure to inform investments in preparation, mitigation and response through virtual trials of sophisticated, hyperlocalized scenarios. Different stakeholders in a region can access a model of their community to play forward strategies, including new technology, policies, infrastructure and events, including natural or artificial disasters, such as heat, cold, black sky, outage, earthquake and wildfire, as well as data to inform resilience equity options for disadvantaged populations. Cities are complex systems of systems, and the changing climate requires new configurations to meet unprecedented conditions and activate accelerated change. Since 2014, RUNWITHIT has been dialling forward time, creating future realities around complex systems, communications, vehicles, and IoT to help them successfully meet the needs of unprecedented futures. In 2019, we began recreating cities using our platform – their people, policies, technologies and infrastructure, when RWI was asked to simulate an earthquake by ITRON for the IoT World Expo Keynote in Silicon Valley. Our platform consumes publicly available data from diverse sources, creates models that generate data that doesn’t exist and dials this all forward in a data-rich, decision-support environment that is visible, accessible and compelling.

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