SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

America's Emergency Network, LLC

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America's Emergency Network is a start-up with two major revenue streams. AEN TV will be an unscripted, reality channel running media content from alerting authorities and law enforcement. Programmed by AI, AEN TV which will resemble a combination of The Weather Channel and C-SPAN. It creates a perfect underwriting opportunity for companies that provide disaster mitigation and recovery products and services.

AEN Alert will revolutionize alerting with geo-targeting and rich media alerts. It uses NextGen TV spectrum to provide greater reach and rich media, such as evacuation routes, inundations maps, storm tracks, CCTV, and shelter locations. Crucially, AEN alerts and recovery information are sent to battery-powered receiver devices, providing a lifeline to consumers when cellular fails and the grid is down.

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