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EWX Power Solutions

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The patent approved EWX Power Module is a self-contained solar-hybrid power system
that is remotely monitored, controlled, and scalable to meet a broad range of power
requirements. Scaling is achieved through battery bank, inverters, and backup
generator sizing. EWX supports customers in disaster recovery, telecommunication, Oil
& Gas, industrial plants, off grid buildings and others with power ranges from 20 kW to
100 kW.
EWX’s mobile 8’x20’ container provides power through the solar charged battery bank
backstopped by a generator which can either quick charge the batteries or fully support
the load. This combination provides fuel & rental cost savings, corporate ESG initiatives,
redundancy, noise abatement along with ITC credit up to 30% and is supported with
24x365 remote support.
Remote support (24x365) utilizes proprietary software providing customers and EWX
staff real-time alerts (email, text, and dashboard), as well as component performance,
configuration settings and weather data to allow for proactive adjustment of the system
to optimize performance. Customers also receive monthly Carbon Reduction and Power
Usage Reports providing key energy and ESG results.
Depending on your power needs, you can have one module or multiple modules that can
be combined to meet your energy requirements. EWX staff will meet with you to scope
your energy requirements and provide you with power module recommendations and
projected ESG and energy savings.

Tel: 800-339-4352

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