SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Onguard Seismic Systems, Inc.

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ONGUARD is the first energy-dissipating system designed to protect aboveground liquid storage tanks from earthquake damage. We provide a more sustainable future for your business and help you sleep at night.

Designed to handle both the tension and compression cycles of an earthquake, the ONGUARD system keeps the tank, its contents, connections, and supporting structure protected against damage.

ONGUARD engineers use locally-mandated building codes, globally-recognized standards and best practice, and research unique to ONGUARD to deliver dependable earthquake performance for the entire tank system.

The ONGUARD seismic system is the most innovative on the planet and its performance was proven in a M7.8 earthquake. This earthquake produced two minutes of shaking and ground accelerations that exceeded code requirements by up to 60%, with no ensuing damage or loss.

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