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Marvel Geospatial is a geospatial technology company specializing in GIS mapping. We provide comprehensive digital mapping solutions for flood, fire, and earthquake management. Asset and terrain mapping are critical tools supporting disaster management. Having the right spatial information makes all the difference whether it is establishing preparedness measures, identifying first response, finding the right resources, or damage assessment. The visualization capabilities of our high-quality mapping solutions allow for predictive analytics, risk assessment, preparedness measures, emergency response plans, search, relief, and rescue.

Our mapping services include:

  • Flood hazard mapping

  • Risk maps

  • Inundation mapping

  • Land use planning

  • BIM (building information modelling) for fire hazard management

  • Fire safety route mapping

  • Location of fire safety assets/equipment

  • Fire simulation

3D topographic mapping

  • Landform assessment for hazard management in floods, earthquakes

  • Fault location mapping

  • Change detection

Our mapping services are most useful for:

  • Planning/citizen service agencies

  • Nodal disaster management organizations

  • First responders

  • Rescue and relief organizations

  • Emergency services

  • Complex buildings

  • Logistics companies providing relief materials

To know more about our mapping services, visit To know more about our mapping services, visit; write to, or call/WhatsApp 91-9246559595

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