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Wildfire detection system and smoke detectors – how does it work?

Wildfires are a growing threat to human life and wildlife, but also to private and commercial properties. Early wildfire detection is the key to saving lives and minimizing financial losses. Unfortunately, traditional detection systems based on forest fire watch towers and human observations are often difficult to implement due to the cost of building and maintaining such towers, as well as the limited number of people capable of doing such a demanding job.
We have developed an automatic early detection system for organizations and companies that want to protect people,
their sites, and facilities from fire.

The SmokeD detectors are sophisticated devices intended for early fire detection and immediate notification of users. Our early forest fire detection system uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sensitive optical sensors to provide improved fire and smoke detection accuracy with the capability to precisely pinpoint the fire location up to 10 miles from your building.
The main purpose of the SmokeD System is to detect fires before they become too large to be effectively controlled.
The SmokeD wildfire detection system monitors the surrounding area 24/7. When it detects smoke or flames, it automatically sends an alert with the exact location of the fire to the users of the web or mobile app. The fire is detected within 10 minutes on average, increasing the probability of extinguishing it before it can get out of control.

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