SEPT 5 & 6 2024

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Sunact Systems Inc.

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In SunAct Systems, our goal is to reduce disaster risk and increase the resiliency of individuals and communities by providing effective innovative technological tools that empower local resources against natural disasters such as coastal flooding, drought, earthquake, heat wave, hurricane (tropical cyclone), landslide, riverine flooding, tornado, tsunami, volcanic activity, and wildfire.

Our patented product, Sunact Systems Disaster Resilience Unit (S-DRU), is specifically designed and built to cover all phases of EM: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.

S-DRU is one of a kind all-in-one green solution that has multiple functionalities: Renewable power generation system, Smart Energy Storage System (ESS), Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG), Wildfire Protection, Emergency Communication, Search and Rescue Drone, Weather Station, cloud-based application program and industrial mobile trailer.

Since S-DRU uses sun’s energy for generating power and atmospheric water trapped in the air for producing water, it can function fully independent from utility infrastructure and provide real resilience when and where needed. If properly planned and utilized, the unit can last several weeks longer than conventional solutions and eliminate the need for fuel driven generators and traditional water treatment facilities.

These features along with wildfire protection and weather monitoring capabilities, make S-DRU a unique solution.

In addition to exceptional capabilities of S-DRU in emergency situations, S-DRU could also provide reliable green power and clean potable water all year-round and help communities to reduce their overall carbon footprint significantly. The application of S-DRU is not limited to emergency scenarios, and it can provide value all along. This could be a game changer for remote communities which do not have access to reliable utility grid power or proper water treatment facilities and are already facing the impacts of the climate change.

S-DRU is an effective tool for emergency managers, disaster planners, first responders, and members of small/remote communities to prevent/mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. 

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