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Created in 2014 and based in Lyon (France), Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Wilmington NC (USA), Elistair designs and manufactures tethered drone solutions for tactical surveillance and civil defense missions. Elistair’s products are used by armed forces, civil security services and a number of private companies, in more than 70 countries. Leader in tethered drones, Elistair designs and manufactures smart and automated tethering systems for perimeter protection, border surveillance and large event security. Thanks to its micro-tether technology, Elistair has solved the problem of drone battery life. When connected to a generator or the electric grid, the micro-tether powers the drone continuously, allowing it to function for 50 hours without interruption, compared to the average drone battery life of 30 minutes. It also secures data exchanges between the drone and its operator, which is effective against hacking and other interference. Elistair mainly works with national security and defense organizations, offering them two patented product ranges: automated tethered drones (ORION 2) and tethering stations capable of transforming freeflying drones into tethered drones

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