SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

A2Z Drone Delivery

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A2Z Drone Delivery develops commercial delivery drone solutions for safe and efficient last-mile UAS delivery including cargo drone systems and drone winches integrating with most UAS platforms. The A2Z RDST cargo drone is an off-the-shelf UAS for last-mile delivery, featuring the RDS2 drone winch for maximum payload capacity and flexibility.

The company brought to market the industry's first commercial-grade drone winch, which has conducted thousands of deliveries to real paying customers in the commercial delivery space, as well as seen use in the logistics, medical, and search-and-rescue fields.

Their flagship drone, the RDST, can carry and delivery a package of up to 11lbs from 100 feet in the air. The drone comes equipped with the latest RDS2 delivery winch. No special box or expensive infrastructure is needed - it is a flexible, adaptive, ready-to-fly system.

The winch itself can also be fitted to other UAVs with little integration work required. Multiple winch systems can be used on larger vehicles for multi-package missions.

A2Z is based in Los Angeles, CA, and supplies companies and organizations all over the world with safe, robust, capable systems to reliably deliver packages from the air.

Tel: 517-410-8626

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