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If & When, Inc.

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IF&WHEN™ is in the risk mitigation business. We are prototyping a Portable, Battery Powered, High-Pressure Firehose that uses pool, cistern or lake water to prepare and defend properties in the event of wildfires. Remotely activated, our STTATT™ Emergency Station provides its owners with advance disaster notification and the ability to act as their own first responders in the crucial moments before additional help can arrive. We, hold the exclusive US patents for the STTATT Emergency Station and have secured additional patents in the Russian Federation and China and have patents pending in Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea, Australia, Israel and Mexico.

STTATT will be capable of automatically detecting radio frequency, cell phone, web-based and satellite alert signals from NOAA, FEMA, CalFire and other private and commercial emergency service agencies and data aggregators which can activate the station to perform user-determined pumping or power emergency functions. When alerted, either automatically or manually, STTATT can begin charging its battery systems, relay information to designated clients and activate user-programmed protocols to respond to a variety of emergency situations in the event of fires, floods and power outages.

STTATT would generate a new consumer category as an integrated, portable, remotely activated multi-purpose emergency solution, pumping water at emergency service pressures and potentially offsetting tens of thousands of dollars in potential liability and damage.

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