SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Guzzle H2O

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With a modern spin on time tested techniques, Guzzle H2O builds drinking water purification gear that can protect a residence, or support mobile needs for hydration.  Using LED-UV, carbon filtration, and user oriented design, Guzzle H2O products provide access to safe and delicious drinking water.

The portable Stream system unlocks the ability to source drinking water from any freshwater source.  LED-UV unlocks portablity, and allows this device to pump, filter, and purify water in any situation.  Well thought out design, handy accessories, low maintenance, and compact size make the Stream a uniquly powerful tool.

The Stealth line of point of use water purifiers can be built into any mobile or off grid platform.  The only natively 12V UV system is rugged and maintenance free, the Stealth is reliable safety for your onboard water supply.  Equally at home protecting residential water supplys during difficult times.

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