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READYWISE is a leading manufacturer supplier and marketer of commercial, emergency preparedness, and US Military food products. The company's dehydrated food and freeze-dried food products use smart packaging and long-term food storage technology enabling their customers with products that have a long shelf life and easy storage. We offer freeze-dried meat, vegetables, fruits, soups, sweet treats, milk and eggs outdoor food kits, and other specialized packaged and ingredient product supplier.

We provide versatile meal and snack solutions tailored to meet a wide range of nutritional values to meet commercial and emergency feeding that meets your daily nutritional needs. Our Meals and Snacks are highly nutritious, lightweight, and can provide an extended shelf-life of up to 25 years.
We produce unique flavor profiles and menu options to meet all cultural and ethnic preferences for Adventure Meals to our healthy lifestyle Simple Kitchen formulations to meet all of today's meal requirements within multiple segments.

Tel: (865) 386-4949

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