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National Signal LLC

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National Signal LLC is a southern-California based manufacturer of solar-powered portable light towers, traffic control signs, and flashing arrows. Our Solar Light Tower series is our most popular, as the high-powered LED lighting is ideal for low-to-no-lighting situations such as traffic, construction, mining, utilities, and security. Providing permanent and temporary lighting solutions, the Solar Light Tower series can illuminate streets, parks, parking lots, beaches or lakes, neighborhoods, and other high-traffic areas subject to natural disasters.

Our Solar Light Tower Series incorporates our latest technology in portable solar lighting. Offered in various options to fit your needs, our LED solar lighting is portable, bright, renewable, highly efficient, and has no emissions.

Our models include the Narrow, 750W, 1,000W, and the Event Lite.

Each unit contains heavy-duty LED light fixtures with ultra-high intensity and state-of-the-art LEDs with multiple brightness settings from which you can select for maximum optimization. These high-performance light fixtures are designed to maximize light utility with very little "lost" light. Also, to optimize charge, we made the solar array tiltable on our Light Towers to 40o. These virtually maintenance-free lights are ideal for use in numerous poor lighting conditions.

To maximize performance and manage energy usage during high-traffic situations like natural disaster relief, we spent significant engineering time designing easy-to-use features to give the user complete control over lamp brightness, on/off times, automatic settings, and LED drivers designed specifically for this application.

National Signal LLC offers highly innovative performance with LED light towers, traffic control signs, and flashing arrows that provide lighting, direction, and caution during the aftermath of a natural disaster situation.


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