SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

SaltGrass Modular, LLC

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SaltGrass Modular was initially founded to fill the need for affordable yet customizable housing. Something that is severely lacking. Using shipping containers we have found that their utility has a wide range of possibilities not limited to just residential construction. With the desire to continue serving that market, some of our primary focus has been shifted to disaster relief. Relaizing the vast need for for emergency quartering, lavaltories, storage and medical facilities. We came to the conclusion that as easily as building a custom home we can fabricate emergency modular facilities. A shipping container go-kit if you will. By nature these containers are fabricated for for transportation, so what better way to be prepared for any emergency? With these containers being primarily made frlom welded steel, rest assured that durability will not be an issue. They will withstand even the harshest of environments. For those that are budget minded you can understand why this structure is way more affordable and practical for emergency situations. They can be quickly produced, easily transported, and set up in a fraction of the time compared to traditional emergency facilities. Everything you will need can be packed into these containers and simply placed into position upon arrival.

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