SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Operation BBQ Relief

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Operation BBQ Relief is best known for providing hot comforting meals after disaster strikes.  Over the last 10 years we have provided over 9.5 million hot meals to those in need after disaster strikes and the first responders that come to the community to help.  We have done this in 90 communities in 30 states plus the Bahamas.  

During the pandemic we morphed our model to utilize local restaurants, food trucks and caterers that were closing their doors or had closed to help provide the food insecure meals in their communities.  Our largest deployment was in the state of Pennsylvania where we worked with the state to ensure families in need got meals.  This was a win win for the local restaurants as they made money to cover their continued costs, keep key employees on, do good in their community as well as help the state out and we were able to continue to help people during one of the largest world wide disasters.  

Outside disaster we use our passion for BBQ and Grilling to provide educational classes to first responders, veterans and military members.  We have in person classes and in 2022 we will launch virtual classes.  Our passion to serve those hereos that give so much for their country is truly a pleasure for us to give back to them.  

Learn more on our website at  Come by and see us at the show.  

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