SEPT 5 & 6 2024

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ONYX POWER (“ONYX”) designs and manufactures quiet, rugged, mobile, renewable power equipment as a replacement for dangerous small gas and diesel generators. Our mission is to enable clean power access anywhere, and our focus is to provide direct solutions for critical power outages to those most in need: communities impacted by natural disasters.

The company's product line includes the ONYX Rhino, a 4,000W rugged, mobile power system that recharges from the grid or solar while delivering both 120V and 240V – a first in the light-industrial mobile clean power industry. The company also manufactures the ONYX Manta, a 550W rugged, mobile solar array designed to recharge the ONYX Rhino and other portable battery systems during off grid use or power outages. ONYX products are available for purchase, rental and long-term lease to allow flexibility for our clients, which include not-for-profits, governments, tribal communities, educational institutions, and industry.

ONYX believes in respecting and empowering communities to take charge of their energy security by enabling them with safe and sustainable power solutions. The company likewise believes in supporting local workforce development and domestic supply chain to the extent possible. As such, ONYX designs and manufactures its entire product portfolio in the USA. ONYX is a minority-owned certified small business headquartered in Long Beach, California. To learn more and join our charge visit our website.

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