SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Moser Energy Systems

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Moser Energy Systems is a world-class provider of innovative, low-emissions, mobile, distributed energy solutions for Oilfield Services, Commercial, Industrial, and Military applications. Since 1973, Moser has been at the forefront of advances in distributed energy solutions for prime and standby power supply as well as mobile EV charging for consumer and fleet applications. The biggest challenges to broader EV adoption are the cost, availability, and reliability of the existing infrastructure. This is especially true in rural areas, seasonal tourist areas, and during large-scale evacuations like hurricanes and fires. Our REV Stations can alleviate all of these concerns and in most cases with lower cost and emissions than the fixed, grid-connected alternatives. Owing to our long history of operating efficiently and reliably in demanding and harsh environments, the company’s products and commitment to customers are recognized throughout the industry as the gold standard for durability. Moser continues to build on its commitment to excellence and legacy of industry-leading innovation in pursuit of a greener future powered by flexible, smart energy applications with conventional and hybrid power generation platforms. With a dynamic vision, dedication to responsible business practices, and cleaner, more efficient products, Moser is transforming power for the future.

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