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Kenyon International Emergency Services

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As world leaders in disaster management, Kenyon is a full-spectrum emergency response service committed to ensuring that our clients are prepared for whatever eventualities may arise.

We’ve responded to over 400 fatal and non-fatal international incidents over 116 years, instilling our clients with confidence that we’re ready and prepared for any complex emergency situations that may arise.

Kenyon guarantees the most experienced personnel with the right equipment and data management tools to meet the demands of any sudden incident caused by natural disasters. Examples of Kenyon's contribution to recovery operations following a natural disaster include, Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Our services include:

  • Disaster Recovery Services

We support dealing with the immediate and long-term consequences of emergencies. This includes clinical and forensic support, search and recovery services, mortuary and repatriation and personal property recovery.

  • Disaster Human Services

We deliver logistical support establishing and managing Family Assistance Centres, including trained personnel with soft skills to manage relationships with families in their time of greatest need.

  • Crisis Communications

Throughout an emergency, we ensure there is a solid communications strategy in place, so stakeholders are kept informed.

  • Call Centre Services

Through our International Call Centre or Media Call Centre, we can help deal with the surge of telephone enquiries both from concerned families and friends as well as the media.

  • Training and Consultancy

Our expert planners can assist in designing and reviewing a crisis management plan, as well as staff training to ensure the plan achieves the results intended.

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