SEPT 5 & 6 2024

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Welcome to the iDOME experience… Our proprietary “weight-bearing” frame is designed specifically to hold hammocks and all your gear off the ground. With no parts to assemble, the set-up takes only minutes. Made of aluminum, carbon fiber, and steel parts, the iDOME Shelter is built to last. The iDOME is designed to hold hammocks and your gear off the ground. Each iDOME has 91sq.ft of floor space, 527cu.ft of interior space, and a towering 8’2” ceiling. In fact, our sturdy, fully portable, customizable structures have the potential to be a cost-effective solution to far bigger problems — ones we look forward to tackling.
Our long-term goal is to provide shelters to anyone displaced by humanitarian hardship.
After all, everyone deserves to be in comfort, off the ground, in a dignified sanctuary.

Tel: 949-202-7873

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