SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

FireRein Inc.

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FireRein Inc. is a cleantech company providing the firefighting community with effective, innovative and sustainable firefighting solutions. The company is underpinned by our experienced team of firefighters, scientist and business professionals. We are further driven by a need to replace today’s toxic, non-renewable, firefighting water additives whose myriad of human and environmental toxicity concerns are under ever-increasing public scrutiny.

FireRein also recognizes that today’s fires are challenging traditional firefighting methods. Climate change has created “mega fires" that are occurring more frequently. Structural firefighting has dramatically changed with the mainstream use of today’s engineered lightweight building materials that cause fires to burn hotter and faster.

Therefore, we created Eco-Gel™, the world’s first and only certified 100% bio-based (plant based) concentrate. When Eco-Gel mixes with water it creates a potent firefighting gel that is a direct replacement to toxic, PFAS containing firefighting foam.

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