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Firefighting Tools of Babylon Corp

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For far too long in the emergency responder world, we have looked at gaining entry to dwellings from an old school forcible entry standpoint. First Responders would traditionally force (break) the door open to search the premises for anyone left behind or if they needed access to shut down utilities. The Personal Entry Assist Kit (PEAK) from makes entry quick, easy and damage free. The kit includes a Firefighter Swipe Tool which works on most inward opening doors found on all private dwellings and apartments for a very quick entry without having to break anything. It also includes a Billy GOAT Wedge which helps gain a purchase in the door if needed or keeps the door open while searching. Lastly it includes a FirePik which is used on commercial outward opening doors to gain access to businesses.

The PEAK, all within one canvas bag, weighing under 1 pound total, work in conjunction with each other to gain access to dwellings during Wide Area Search and Rescue after any natural disaster. These tools will help prevent unnecessary further damage to peoples’ homes that are in an affected community. Not every dwelling in an affected area is damaged/destroyed, so property damage prevention could be helpful in helping communities “get back home” after the natural disaster. It is a quick and cost effective tool kit that every responder should be carrying.

These products create a safer community because First Responders can re-lock the doors after searching the premises. This will help prevent looting and allows people to move back into their homes quicker. The ways of the past were to force doors or windows, and search the property which then leaves the home vulnerable and uninhabitable until the homeowners can get a locksmith or carpenter to rebuild their doorway. Please check out for more info