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ALP Generators

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The ALP 1000W Propane Generator is the first of its class, lightweight, and 100% propane powered. With longer run times, safer storage, and significantly more environmental friendliness than gasoline-powered competitors, our generators are ideal for traveling and emergency use situations. ALP generators are 100% propane-powered and run on any size tank. With a long-lasting runtime of 60 hours on a 20 lb tank pulling a 25% load, ALP keeps you powered under any circumstance. ALP is Eco-friendly with our gas-free, EPA & CARB-approved design that keeps you clean and safe while reducing your carbon footprint. At just under 30 lb, the ALP 1000 W generator is easy to transport and store and perfect for home emergencies. Keep the lights on and life running smoothly no matter what the world throws at you!

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