SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Ultra Pillar: Structural Material for Preppers

At Far Far Away Company, our goal is to build a universal language for structural materials. Today, we introduce Ultra Pillar, a groundbreaking structural framing solution designed to empower makers, engineers, and designers, especially in disaster relief and preparedness scenarios.

Ultra Pillar: Disaster Relief Redefined

Our mission is to deliver a modular, reliable, and future-proof ecosystem, designed specifically for swift, professional, and cost-effective disaster relief and response initiatives. With Ultra Pillar, we're breaking free from the constraints of traditional materials, a feat especially critical in disaster-prone regions.

Why Ultra Pillar Thrives in Disaster Scenarios

  • Versatility: Explore Ultra Pillar, the framing structure designed to meet the demands of various disaster scenarios, offering secure and flexible spaces for a wide range of applications
  • Reliability: Not only robust, Ultra Pillar is also easy to deploy ensuring swift and efficient response during critical situation
  • Adaptability: Ultra Pillar is easy to store, transport, and integrate with various other structural solutions
  • Expert Insights: Meet our specialist who will offer personalized guidance on how Ultra Pillar can meet your unique disaster response requirements

Ultra Pillar: Beyond a Product, a Lifeline

Ultra Pillar is engineered to perform, even in the most challenging conditions. It offers 25+ unique functions and 60+ accessories to meet the diverse needs of disaster relief efforts. We are committed to ensuring compatibility with traditional materials, making our product accessible when and where it's needed most.

Explore Ultra Pillar Today

We invite you to explore Ultra Pillar, a solution that breaks free from conventional limits. Visit our online shop at and discover how Ultra Pillar can revolutionize structural engineering, especially in disaster response. 

Additionally, we invite you to experience the hands-on demo of Ultra Pillar at Booth #1272 at the Disasters Expo USA 2023, where we can demonstrate how Ultra Pillar excels in disaster relief and scenarios requiring immediate action. Our structural innovation is at your fingertips, and you'll experience its potential firsthand at the Expo.