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The Unmanned Aircrafts That Are Changing Disaster Response

WaveAerospace, Inc.

WaveAerospace builds unmanned aircraft that carry out our customer’s most important missions, with their most critical payloads. What differentiates our aircraft from all other aerial systems is our ability to fly in wind & weather that grounds other aircraft. Whether your mission is reconnaissance, communications, or tactical logistics, we fly day or night during the storm, not after.

Built on our proprietary, hybrid platform, our aircraft flysignificantly outside the inherent design limitations of winged and wingless rotorcraft. Payload agnostic, your mission determines the aircraft’s configuration—from long-range, low radar profile to VTOL off the deck of a ship in Force 10 conditions. 

From airspace denial to offshore delivery, all aircraft must bedesigned to maintain control in an unpredictable environment, safely and reliably. The longer a mission is—in time or range—the more difficult itis to predict potential conditions and unforeseen operational challenges. That is what we’re built for.