SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

The New Sound Barrier

Mention of the “Sound Barrier” quite often engenders thoughts about high-speed flight and about sonicbooms. We at Incaendium Initiative Corporation (IIC) have created our own Sound Barrier, a device thatuses low frequency sound to effectively delay, contain, control, and suppress a fire, at a safe distance forfire safety personnel. IIC’s patent pending technology not only goes beyond what others have done, ithas achieved projecting a firefighting acoustic wave beyond fifty meters.

The IIC Acoustic Cannon systems have a zero-carbon footprint, do not use chemical or water, designedwith a long-life cycle, light weight, and are being developed for several use cases including ceiling andwall mount fire suppression systems, handheld devices, shoulder and stand mountable units, andadaptable to aerial and ground vehicles, and mobile and stationary platforms.

IIC brings NASA borne problem solving and techniques, commercial experience, thinking outside thebox, the will to break barriers and conventions, to go where others have not gone. This is just the beginning.

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IIC is making a sound barrier to effective acoustic fire control and suppression.