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The economic and environmental value of HydroFlow

What is HydroFlow and Hydropath Technology?

HydroFlow technology works on all types of pipe material without the need for anycutting or plumbing, which is ideal for retrofit. These units transmit anelectromagnetic field along the pipe and into the water. This causes calcium toform clusters which act as a starting point for crystallization. When water is heated, the limescale forms as fine powder in suspension, which will then be washed away by the flow, not attaching to piping and equipment HydroFlow Units arenonintrusive and do not change the chemical composition of the fluid in the plumbing system. The signal will travel throughout the plumbing network, upstream and downstream, thus protecting the entire system. By deploying HydroFlow’s products and services, companies are accessing environmental solutions consistent with ever-increasing GREEN sustainability goals.

The HydroFLOW Effect:

HydroFlow will reduce the costs associated with water usage, improve equipment efficiencies and long-term asset life while significantly reducing operating expenses.


- Blowdown Reduced by up to 85%

- Chemical usage reduced by up to 75%

- Maintenance reduced by 50%

- Equipment life increased by up to 50%

- Energy consumptions reduced by up to 10%

- Easy install- ZERO piping modifications needed.

- HydroFlow units can be installed on any pipe material from 1” to 108”outer diameter

Case Study Briefs:

- Caesar’s Superdome:

8,750 ton cooling system was dealing with scaling, over usage of chemicals, and significant blow down causing wasted water and additional cost for waste waterdisposal

- Installed a 32” unit at zero upfront cost to the customer, only amonthly service agreement at a fraction of the savings that are realized by the customer.

- Estimated 1,683,000 gallons of water per month in savings

- Estimated $4,200 savings in monthly chemical usage

- Estimated $16,100 in additional monthly energy savings

- Total Estimated Monthly Savings $ 40,226.82

- Combined Cycle Power Plant- Great Lakes, USA

Actively searching for a way to reduce chemical usage and combat scale and biofilmas well as mitigating corrosion in their system.

- Installed 72” Hydroflow Unit- currently the largest installed unit in North America.

- 200million gallons of water saved per year compared to the previous year without HydroFlow.

- Increased cycles of concentration of 3.0-6.0

- Reduced blowdown by 60%

- 75.5% reduction in scale and corrosion inhibitor chemicals.

- Annual savings estimate of $350,000.00

Houston Manufacturing Site:

Faced major scale and biofouling issues in their 7100 ton cooling system, resultingin substantial water and chemical wastage to control them.

- Installed a 24” and a 30” unit at no upfront cost to the customer.

- Over 7,500,000 gallons of water saved annually

- Nearly $300,000 saved annually from reduced water consumption

- $100,000 saved per year in chemical reduction

- 91% cooling water use efficiency increase

- 10-year savings outlook of $1.8Million


Easy installation (retrofit), zero up-front cost, immediate OPEX savings, and mostimportantly, eco-friendly. See how your facility can take advantage of this now!