SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

National Wildfire Awareness Month

National Wildfire Awareness Month dedicates the entire month of May to prevention and preparedness. Nearly every year, California experiences major wildfires that can be devastating to the environment and communities throughout the state.

Climate change has increased the levels of drought and subsequently wildfires due to decreased streamflow, increased dry soils and drier vegetation. Wildfires pose a large and growing threat to communities across California, and understanding fire vulnerability and impacts can enable more effective risk management.


With California being the state most susceptible to wildfires in the United States, we need to act now and bring the most effective solutions to the focus to protect both the future of the environment and the safety of the state. In 2021, over 58,000 wildfires occurred, with over 7 million acres burned, and an estimated $70 billion to $90 billion worth of damages throughout The United States, making the need for education and discussion on the topic of wildfire and heat-related disasters essential.

The Natural Disasters Expo USA taking place this September at the Anaheim Convention Center on September 27th & 28th is the leading platform where the latest technologies, products and services for the detection, protection, mitigation, response and recovery against wildfires can be sourced.

The industry’s most influential figures are also stepping up to deliver keynote sessions, covering everything from the latest climate change trends to how to protect your community from heat exposure and wildfires or otherwise! 


In honour of National Wildfire Awareness Month, we wanted to give you the opportunity to register for your ticket to the Natural Disasters Expo for free, instead of paying $119.


ACT NOW to succeed in preventing wildfire and heat-related disasters and register for your ticket TODAY!