SEPT 5 & 6 2024

LA Convention Center

Live Demos

Omnis partners with Zenova Group to bring Zenova’s independently tested insulation and fire safety solutions to the US market.

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This is the second year we are exhibiting at the Disaster Expo USA, where live demonstrations will be carried out both inside at our stand 450 all day, and outside Hall B.

Inside demonstrations are running all day and will showcase the following:

  • Watch how Zenova IP insulation paint prevents an ice cube from melting!
  • Witness Zenova FP fire-resistant paint creates a barrier to prevent a substrate from burning.

Outside demonstrations will be shown at 11am, 1pm and 3pm on both days:

  • See how the Zenova FX500, a 500ml aerosol fire extinguisher, puts out a diesel fire, with no re-ignition.
  • Watch as straw is set alight and the area which has been sprayed with Zenova WB will not burn, demonstrating its wildfire protection capabilities.

Watch the difference between how two plywood structures (each with a pitch roof covered in straw) burn, where one is coated in Zenova FP on the inside as well as sprayed with Zenova WB on the outside, and on the straw roof. The other structure is untreated.

Image of the fire safety demo Image of the fire safety demo