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Denlar Fire Protection: Supressing Fires and Protecting Lives

Since 2007, Denlar Fire Protection has engineered, manufactured, and sold fire suppression range hoods and control systems for UL300A applications. Our mechanical mechanism automatically extinguishes unattended cooking fires; helping save lives and protect buildings from the number one cause of structural fires in the world.

Manufactured in the USA, Denlar range-hoods are ETL-listed, UL300A compliant, and have ICC, IMC, and UMC approvals. They are centered on the principles of a full NFPA96/UL300 Type 1 system. They meetall the specifications of a Type II system and provide a turnkey value-for-money solution for limitedcommercial applications where a residential-grade cooktop is in use in a commercial, public, or community building but where cooking-for-profit is not the purpose of the stove. Denlar Fully Integrated Fire Protection Hoods feature a mechanical actuation mechanism; they do not rely on power or battery backup and are therefore uniquely fail-safe.

The purpose of a Denlar Hood is to detect, warn, extinguish, contain, and prevent the reignition of arange-top cooking fire. When paired with the ClockBox Pro, the Denlar Fire Protection system can be tied into a building’s monitoring system (BMS) and can prevent the use of a stove during an emergency, such as a detected gas leak. This combination system can be used to automatically shut down a stovetop in (for example) a firehouse or EMS when a 911 call comes in, ensuring that fire crews can look aftertheir own welfare and still respond, without fear of returning to a fire at their station (yes, it happens!)

In addition, Denlar Fire Protection systems can be remotely controlled to enable stove-top use only at certain times; ideal for dorm and off-campus housing where young people living away from home forthe first time, maybe distracted while cooking or forgetful when leaving an apartment. According to the NFPA, 25% of deaths resulted from fires where the deceased was asleep and 50% of injuries occurred when someone tried to control the fire themselves.

Ideal applications for Denlar hoods are in any building, public or private, where cooking takes place on are sidential range top – as an adjunct activity to the main purpose of the facility:

- Assisted Living

- Community Centers

- Day and Senior Care

- Memory Care and Long-Term Care

- Group Homes

- EMS, FIRE, and Police Stations

- Houses of Worship

- Office Break Rooms

- Multi-Family Properties

- Rentals & Vacation Homes

- Military Housing

- School Classrooms

- Suite-Style Dorm Rooms

- Private Off-Campus and Greek-Life Housing

Denlar Fire Protection manufactures the only fail-safe, fully integrated fire suppression range hood available today. Manufactured in the USA and listed to UL300A, Denlar hoods are designed to address the risk of a range-topcooking fire in limited commercial settings where food is not being sold for profit. Denlar provides additional protection against unauthorized and unattended cooking with the ClockBox and the ClockBox Pro.

We sell through a regional network of highly qualified, geographically knowledgeable field reps who support localSpec. Reps, Architects and Engineers, Code Officials, Safety Officers, and Fire Marshals.

Ask for Denlar by name.