SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Conversation Couture Introduces a New eCommerce Sales Channel for Luxury Retail.

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Imagine yourself walking into a luxury retail store. You will be greeted by a smiling sales associate, maybe offered a glass of wine or champagne, and you feel special and know you are going to be well taken care of.

Now imagine you are visiting that same company’s website with no greeting, no champagne, and no one there to help you. This experience is nothing different or special from any other website you have been on, but with high luxury retail prices.

The transition of making the online experience for luxury retailers seamless to the in-store experience for customers is the next step in online sales. The company website is moving from an informational space to an interactive, engaging space, and luxury retailers need to make that transition. According to the Boston Consulting Group, “only 10% - 12% of luxury brand sales are conducted online, and with circumstances driving people to buying more online, the luxury brands must develop tools for engaging high-end customers in online experiences.”

The New eCommerce Sales Channel
Olivia Steele, the CEO of Conversation Couture, has created a new eCommerce sales channel for the luxury retailers. Through virtual in-store experiences, the sales associate can emulate the in-store customer experience virtually. In the retail industry, developing the sales associate - customer relationship is key to turning a sale and generating customer retention, especially within luxury brands.

The Benefit
The sales associate is able to cultivate and retain customers for future sales by creating a similar relationship online. This will increase sales and ensure the luxury brand remains relevant in the eCommerce space.

According to the Boston Consulting Group, “Many luxury brands have been slow to embrace digital channels, but given how many people shopped online for the first time during the pandemic--including some who bought luxury goods--they need to catch up quickly. Brands that address challenges and opportunities without delay will be in a better position to navigate the new reality.”

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Olivia Steele, the CEO of Conversation Couture, will be speaking about the new eCommerce sales channel. Be sure to check the speaker schedule for the date and time.