SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

WeatherPlanet, Inc.

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REQUEST A MEETING provides instant alerts of extreme weather, wildfires, and traffic incidents. In under a minute, the devices are designed to be wirelessly installed to the top socket of existing streetlights. Using the on-board 5G, Wi-fi, long-range radio, and satellite communication, clients receive real-time monitoring of actual conditions and the earliest detection of incidents to minimize losses and prevent disasters. ALERTS A proprietary dashboard integrates real-time conditions with US weather data to alert First Responders and local decisionmakers of urgent events by text and email. Users can monitor a variety of conditions through the dashboard and train sensors with machine-learning and AI. BASE STATION The Base Station’s Intel AI Computer Stack compiles all available information into actionable insights. The Base Unit broadcasts real-time data to the platform using Wi-Fi, cellular, or satellite networks. STACKABLE ELEMENTS The stackable elements allow multi-sensor inputs to attach to the Base Station. The Air Quality Alert™ Sensor provides highly accurate measurements of Particulate Matter (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10), Humidity, Temperature, VOC, and NOx. The Airmar™ Weather Station reports temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, and rainfall. The Highway Alert™ Sensor uses HD cameras to count cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians. The Wildfire Spotter™ Sensor uses HD cameras to detect fire, flames, and vertical and horizontal smoke plumes.

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