SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center


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WAIEA Water is a Honolulu-based, service-disabled, veteran-owned Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) supplier that believes hydration is the key to our health. Founded in 2021, the name WAIEA comes from the Hawaiian words WAI, meaning “water,” and EA, meaning “air.” We proudly distribute the highest quality AWG machines that produce pure, clean, eco-friendly drinking water from the air.
Our mission is to generate the cleanest, purest, and most nutrient-rich water using technology that can help pull our planet out of a water crisis. Individuals’ water consumption habits, climate change, and pollution are detrimental to a healthy planet. WAIEA Water AWG machines have the ability to hydrate our families with the highest quality water in the world, eliminate single-use plastics, and promote a culture of sustainability for the future of our families, our communities, and our planet.
Unfortunately, it is not just pollution, scarcity, and climate change that threaten our access to clean drinking water, both now and in the future. Natural disasters, including earthquakes, often damage water-related infrastructure for lengthy periods. WAIEA Water distributes individual, commercial, and industrial AWG machines that produce safe, clean drinking water without the need for plumbing. Everyone deserves to have access to clean, safe drinking water regardless of economic, environmental, and geographic circumstances. Please visit our website to learn more.

Tel: (855) 50-WAIEA

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