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Disaster Vision is the property & portfolio insight you need when a natural disaster strikes. It’s not a matter of if a natural disaster strikes, but rather when. How prepared is your business and your customers to persevere through the consequences resulting from the natural disaster? With Disaster Vision, you will gain the property and portfolio insight on the likely impact of the disaster to help you emerge strong post-disaster. Veros’s Disaster Vision reports disaster impact at the parcel level, quickly leveraging geospatial data to map a core disaster area and surrounding buffer zone. It then locates the impacted properties by lot boundary, zip code, and by physical address. So, you’ll know exactly which properties are likely impacted. Armed with this information, you will have the insight you need to:

• Identify potentially damaged and high-risk properties
• Prioritize property inspections based on their location to the core and buffer zone of the disaster
• Accelerate clear-to-close time for unimpacted properties in the flagged disaster area counties
• Base risk-based decisions on the most current disaster status information
• Enhance borrower/homeowner relations by proactively identifying at-risk loans and rapidly initiating contact

When disaster strikes, be prepared with the parcel-level information you need regarding how much a specific property and your portfolio is impacted by a hurricane, wildfire, earthquake, flood, or other hazardous event. Don’t wait for a natural disaster to strike! Veros is prepared to help you today.

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