SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

TenFold Engineering

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TenFold Engineering specializes in manufacturing relocatable structures. Our headquarters and assembly plant is based in Springfield, VT. Over the last three years we have been focused on designing and developing our new revolutionary unit. The TF-20 is suited for rapid deployment to locations that have or might be in need of shelter or assistance. With a deployment speed of under one hour, you can quickly set up the unit when responding to the call for action. Our patented system allows for the walls of the TF-20 to unfold and increase the square footage by 300% of the shipped size. What this means is that the unit ships as a ISO container then transforms into a much larger fully contained structure. The unit can be upfitted to your specific specifications and has a fully modular interior. Ship via air, land or sea to your desired location. Unlike other mobile structures, the TF-20 comes off the trailer and lowers itself to the ground resulting in a permanent style structure with the transportability of a traditional mobile unit. Once your mission is complete, simply fold the unit back up and send it to the next location.

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