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Tango 5 Advisors LLC

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Tango 5 Advisors LLC supports small to medium sized organizations in the development and maintenance of their emergency management programs. Grounded in a philosophy that simpler is better, we develop program documentation with a 3P approach; Policy, Program, Plans, in a format that is easily maintained, and more importantly, easy to use in a response.

Good programs need to be supported by good training. Tango 5 Advisors is experienced in providing training in a broad spectrum of emergency management topics including ICS to the I-300 level. We work with organizations to tailor training to be relevant to their teams and can create content for on-line delivery.

Tango 5 Advisors provides surge capacity support in response to incidents and events. We have experience in both Operations and Plans and can quickly mobilize to bolster an EOC’s team. We are pleased to collaborate with great organizations including ATCO FRONTEC LTD Disaster and Emergency Management in their mission to provide emergency management program development, training, and accommodations for response workforces and displaced populations.

Tango 5 Advisors is ready to work with you to support your emergency management program.

Tel: (602) 999-1018 / (780)884-1575

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