SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Relief Products LLC

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Relief Products LLC was founded in 2016 to provide innovative sleep products specifically designed to support disaster relief projects around the world and homeless shelters in the USA. Our products are also very popular for military uses, youth camps, and school dorms to name a few. Our beds are made to be very durable while also providing superb comfort for the user. Further, our beds are waterproof, simple to clean and built to be easily transported. Relief Product’s innovative products are built in multiple factories throughout the US. Our headquarters and main factory is near Seattle, WA, with cooperation in factories in Los Angeles and Internationally. The founder of Relief Products LLC, Scott Smalling, has enjoyed a 30 history in the bedding industry and has created many first to market concepts. He founded the mattress brand ComforPedic® which was ultimately acquired by Simmons Bedding Company in 2007. Scott’s family has also been in the specialty foam business for over 76 years in Tacoma, WA. Lastly we are very proud to be one of the few mattress manufacturers who put their passions for a good nights sleep for all, to work. In 2015 we founded Relief Bed International a non-profit which donates beds to disaster relief and homeless projects worldwide. We are very proud of a project earlier this year where we donated 1,000 beds in support of the crisis in Ukraine. Please reach out to us via or call/text 253-312-0653.

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