SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Portable Water Solutions

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The Portable Water Solutions trailer is a new way to transfer and store water for various situations. The trailer can hook onto your pickup and take water wherever you need it. The trailer is fully insulated, can fit into a standard garage, and specifically designed to be able to hook up to your house, business, etc. Each trailer is equipped with a constant pressure pump, generator, and 120-volt plug-in to efficiently run and store potable or non-potable water for up to six months. The tank can be filled from the top or the side with a cam lock fitting or standard garden hose. This trailer tank combo can be specialized to fit your needs and help with all, but not limited to the following events below: House, cabin, or tiny house Fire Department  Disaster situation  Farm Construction - new house or commercial property  Public Events  Oilfield Replace city water, if not available

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