SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

New Use Energy (NUE)

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New Use Energy (NUE) displaces portable gas generators with mobile, rapidly deployable solar+battery generators. NUE’s products are used by professionals in the emergency management, outdoor events, construction and telecom industries. Its product lines include ultra portable powerpacs, modular, field serviceable SunKits, multipurpose SunWIng trailers and lightweight, flexible solar arrays.

Unlike other companies whose products are targeted at the general consumer market, NUE is unique in the following ways:

• Every system provided by NUE has been designed to operate 100% from solar energy, although these systems also have the ability to charge up from an AC source (i.e. the grid, or a generator)
• NUE has a full line of products for applications ranging from short term deployments (e.g. temporary job sites) to rapidly deployable long term solutions for remote locations (e.g. refugee camps).
• In response to the demands of its core users, NUE’s products offer a simple, rugged yet highly functional feature set without unnecessary bells and whistles.

NUE’s products have been field proven and deployed in the aftermath of California wildfires and PSPS events, after Hurricane Ida, Tennessee tornadoes and most recently in field hospitals and various other facilities in Ukraine.

Tel: +1 (844) 941-3476

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