SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

N5 Sensors, Inc.

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Simplify. Inform. Protect. N5 Sensors' mission is to keep people safe from environmental hazards through a cloud-connected ecosystem of smarter sensors and by leveraging the endless possibilities of shared data and AI. With extreme weather and drought conditions, wildfires are intensifying and expected to impact areas not typically at risk, making early and accurate detection communication more critical than ever. N5 has recently launched a new product aimed at solving this problem via accurate and early detection of wildfire. N5SHIELD™ sensor systems are in use throughout the US protecting communities and businesses from the devastating impact of wildfires and are now available internationally. Budget-friendly N5 sensor nodes are small, easy-to-install, solar and battery powered devices that automatically connect to the cloud. Using a nano-engineered chip and multiple sensor modalities, the sensor nodes accurately detect the location of fire and air quality using multi-modal sensor fusion. N5SHIELD is designed to work in rugged and remote environments and does not require cell service to provide real-time alerts.

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