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ioSafe, with our patented?fireproof and waterproof data storage technology, as well as our comprehensive?Data Recovery Service, provides the peace of mind for our customers that their on-site data is always protected from disaster—and should the unthinkable happen, they can get back up and running faster than any other available solution. ioSafe network or USB-attached external hard drives can hold up to 210TB of data while protecting that data from fire temperatures up to 1550°F (843°C) for 30 minutes. ioSafe devices also protect data from water submersion in 10 feet (3m) of water for up to three days.

ioSafe external hard drive devices are available in a variety of sizes from a single hard drive to up to 15 hard drives. The extensive lineup meets the requirements of home users, small office/home office (SOHO), remote workers, small and medium businesses, as well as divisions, retail, or manufacturing facilities of large enterprises.

A two-year hardware warranty and two years of Data Recovery Service (DRS) are included with purchases of ioSafe devices that include factory-installed hard drives. If your hard drive fails or needs repairing, our ioSafe technicians walk you through the entire Data Recovery Service process, from start to finish. If necessary, DRS provides in-house, forensic recovery for two years with DRS. For any loss, no matter the reason. (DRS upgrades to five years of coverage are available.)

ioSafe fireproof and waterproof data storage devices are available from computer resellers and online retailers around the world, as well as from

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