SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Innovative Power Technologies, LLC. (IPT)

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Innovative Power Technologies (IPT), is an innovative technology development company, dedicated to delivering groundbreaking technologies that perform at the highest level of Environmental, Operational, and Economic efficiencies. IPT acknowledges the immense responsibility of Environmental Stewardship that comes with introducing cutting-edge technologies and will ensure, through its actions, ethics, and operations, a healthier, enhanced, sustainable, quality of life for all.

Our Primary Focus: To provide the 4 Ds of innovation: Discovery; Development; Design; and Deployment; in preparation for the introduction of cutting-edge technologies to the Renewable Energy, Waste Disposal, and Renewable Waste-to-Energy Sectors.

Our Ongoing Quest: To provide, in perpetuity, state-of-the-art improvements of these innovative technologies that continuously enhance the Operational, Environmental, and Economic Efficiencies: Today. Tomorrow. Forever!

Our Mission Statement: “To Positively Impact and Shape the Course of Civilization………One Innovation at a Time!”

Our flagship gasification technology, branded as the CN2020 Downdraft Gasifier, functions as waste disposal or waste-to-energy process, dependent on project-specific objectives. The CN2020 utilizes carbon-based biomass material as the fuel input to support the reactionary processes contained within and form the primarily pure Carbon char bed that functions as the process filter. Fuel input limitations are metals, silica-based compounds, and nuclear waste. This patented technology truly is the first Carbon Neutral to Carbon Negative process that functions at the highest level of Economic, Environmental and Operational efficiencies.

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