SEPT 27 & 28 2023

Anaheim Convention Center

Embers Protection Services, Inc

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Embers Protection Services (EPS) is dedicated to helping home and business owners defend their property from wildfires focusing on long term solutions including hardening of the home, creating defensible space, and installing an effective exterior fire suppression system.  The EPS system is unique in that user interface or human action is not required.  EPS utilizes innovative technology to track wildfires for the a specific property and activation occurs when a fire encroaches within a certain programmed distance to the property.  Automated alerts are sent to the property owners to keep them updated in real-time when a significant event occurs.  EPS is a dual defense system that consists of structure and perimeter protection.  A long lasting fire retardant is deployed to the perimeter vegetation to protect from encroaching fire and radiant heat.  Then high pressure water is deployed to the structure's roof and eave to defend against airborne embers.  The EPS system includes early warning wilfire detection and automatically activates based on smart decisions made from satellite data and nearby fire threats.

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