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DuraFuse Frames

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DuraFuse Frames® are steel moment connections with one-of-a-kind resilience, exceptional performance, and economy. Seismic energy is dissipated through an innovative fuse plate which prevents beam and column damage. The bottom flange fuse plate and all-bolted erection minimizes post-earthquake repair duration and cost. Full-scale laboratory and shake table testing have confirmed the performance and easy repairability. Repairable DuraFuse connections apply to both new construction and retrofit of existing buildings. The benefits of selecting DuraFuse include:

• Reduction of downtime and repair costs by up to 65% following a severe earthquake
• Connection configuration and design optimization results in frame weight reduction as compared to all other moment frame systems
• Significant reduction (up to 70%) in seismic lateral beam bracing requirements
• Completely field-bolted connection eliminates field welding and associated inspections
• Complimentary design support from DuraFuse engineering team

DuraFuse connections are prequalified in AISC 358-22 and enjoy full compliance with AISC 341 requirements and code approvals through IAPMO UES ER 610 including 2019 CBC, and 2020 LABC Supplements. The DuraFuse research, engineering, and design teams are constantly improving to ensure efficient, high performance, and resilient design solutions with quick response times. Our team is looking for opportunities to work with you to provide a resilient design alternative using based on your specifications. If you want to distinguish your next steel moment frame design, we can help you bring economy and repairability which will add value for your clients.

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