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Coni Meyers created Crisis Knowledge Management and Preparedness Foundation after spending 7 years as a FEMA inspector and trainer. She saw firsthand the devastation and loss that occurred when disasters strike. More importantly she saw what happens when people do not prepare. Her entire life has been in preparation for the work she is doing today. Her purpose and passion is about helping people be better prepared, survive and recover from disasters. Many lives and property can be saved.
The mission of CKMP Foundation is to provide educational services and programs to help individuals, businesses and communities become more sustainable, and be ready and prepared for disasters and other crises. 
Coni authored a book entitled "When the Unthinkable Happens...Be Prepared! Be Ready" with the intention of helping others get started with plans and necessary kits. It is a easy-to-follow guide that should be kept with the emergency plans so it can be reviewed and updated each year. She is a 6-time international bestselling author, and this book was #1 in new releases for survival and preparedness as well as real estate. 
She designed this guide to be white labeled by individuals or organization with their logo and a chapter can be added about why an individual or organization wants to make a difference in their community and what services they offer. It becomes a powerful marketing tool! It is perfect for community leaders and responders, professionals, contractors, property management and homeowner’s associations, or any local businesses. By being a leader and an influencer, you not only make a difference but increase your business at the same time. 
Knowledge without implementation can never be successful. CKMP works with community leaders to put on community events. We work with other nonprofits and other organizations to provide the necessary information for the risk factors that are faced by the community. 
CKM Preparedness Foundation’s first initiative, KitsforKids, provides  kits that fit in the bottom of a backpack for school children.

At community events we will educate parents and local businesses on what needs to be done. This is an opportunity for local businesses and individuals to stand out and make a difference. We cannot allow anymore children to die because they could not evacuate soon enough. An example of that happening is Paradise, CA where cars were found in the driveway with the family in them. 
At CKMP we want to be the catalyst of this education and are teaming up with nonprofits, first  responders, educational institutions, civic organizations and businesses to bring events to local communities. We want to collaborate with other organizations that can broaden the scope of information that people will receive. We want to work shoulder to shoulder with you.
Ther CKM Certification and other training educates individuals so they can educate their community. We work with first responders, officials, and emergency planners to make sure we are addressing the particular needs of the community. 

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Please stop by and talk with us about your community! Let’s work together! 

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